337 Days later ...

O hi there.

So it's been a while. I have stayed away both intentionally and unintentionally. I have had days where I wanted to sit and provide an update (even just so I had life documented), or share some yummy recipes, but then of course our little human needed my attention, and he wins, every time.

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A Long Overdue First: Overnight Camping

As a kid I dreamed about camping. I mean like the real camping. The kind that was written about in my childhood books that had the main characters out in the woods with campfires and lake games. The chicken that I am, the closest I got was the front yard of my "cabin" (quotations because it was really like a mini house you just called a cabin) in Tupper Lake. Food, a bathroom and anything I forgot to bring in the tent was just a hop and a skip away in Cabin 13. I was a chump. 

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A "True" Weekend

Weekends free of multiple weddings and special events. This used to be unknown to me.

Immediately after college I started working as Function Manager for special events, and later that Fall I got offered a position as the Wedding Coordinator. As of this year, I have handed over the reigns to my co-worker and so I have enjoyed a Summer that includes weekends where I can relax and not worry about having to step away from whatever fun activity is taking place to go to work. 

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Adventures of the Lake Life

Last year, I along with Andrew and a couple of friends set out on our kayaks onto Lower Saranac Lake. That was probably the third time our kayaks touched water. Last week it was the fifth (yes, shake that head with disappoint). I got my brother to go back out with me to an island my friend christened as “Seuss Island”

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