337 Days later ...

O hi there.

So it's been a while. I have stayed away both intentionally and unintentionally. I have had days where I wanted to sit and provide an update (even just so I had life documented), or share some yummy recipes, but then of course our little human needed my attention, and he wins, every time.

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The Perfect Bridal Shower and an Orzo Salad

As I find myself once again thrust into coordinating Weddings at work, I get nostalgic thinking about all the Wedding related events these brides will take part in. My own Bridal shower was a pinterest worthy event. It was an intimate affair at my mother’s house and the personal touches the girls and my mom added were perfect.

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A couple of Saturdays ago I went to the Smoragsborg in Williamsburg where I got together with some friends to start some celebrations, as my best friend had just graduated with her Doctorate. The place was packed so we all split off to find our own treats and meet back up at a picnic table.  When I got back to the Picnic table I was asked what I had. "Well actually I went to tasting where they had 3 courses listed. First I had ....". They found it hysterical. I must admit I didn't expect this to be my lunch. 

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