When cooking, the key is to make as big of a mess as possible...I am a natural (surprisingly the cupboards are all closed)


I eat. I cook. I dictate my life based on my next meal. I enjoy running, but only if I have music. Let me take that back. I hate running, but I heard it makes for sexy legs and it is good to get those lungs pumping so I do it occasionally. I live in upstate NY, like near Canada, and I don't know why. It is cold and grey more often than not. But, I have a wonderful home with my husband and my dog friends (friendships that I have no confirmation of since I ask to be their friends when walking by them on the street). 

Drewsia came about from one of my bridesmaids desire to find the ultimate hashtag for our wedding. It is a combination of Andrew (my other half) and Kasia.  

I started this blog because I have always enjoyed writing (spelling and grammar are for the birds) and describing moments in great detail. When I first moved here I thought life was over (we have one short main street and a total of 3 traffic lights!). Over time it has gotten easier but I barely do anything a typical Adirondack'er does so the struggle is still real. Since I miss the multitude of restaurant options back in Brooklyn, I attempt to re-create in the kitchen. 

Some new things to know about me :

  • I do not hike. I don't even own hiking shoes. 
  • I do not have a dog...yet (probably never will, but that is what animal videos are for).
  • I do not camp (but we did just buy a tent, which we setup in our living room to test out) UPDATE: I did it. I loved it. Was only slightly bored. Need to remember to bring water next time. And maybe a potato and extra s'more items. 
  • I am a vegetarian 98% of the time (I fall short when I eat pastries).
  • I love to cook (baking is a different story since I can't just base my measurements on what I like).
  • Dessert is a serious matter. If you are going to eat the calories, make it worth it.
  • I played tennis ages 2.5-20 on a very consistent basis. Which means I played everyday, participated in some tournaments and then got a scholarship to play for University. I just picked up the racquet of my own free will again this past Summer (2014), and now that my brother has joined his college tennis team I might just play again. UPDATE: Andrew has taken a strong liking to the game and has me training him...sigh, I can't escape it.
  • I love girly movies. Hate horror movies (can't handle the stress).
  • I don't get sarcasm as most of the time it fly's right over my head and leaves me confused, but sometimes I recover and come to you with a come back a day later.
  • I have an adorable baby boy as of Summer 2016. His name is Wyatt. He has an appetite like yours truly. He's Vegan.
  • I am not sure where this blog is going, but at least I have a record of it.