A "True" Weekend


Weekends free of multiple weddings and special events. This used to be unknown to me.

Immediately after college I started working as Function Manager for special events, and later that Fall I got offered a position as the Wedding Coordinator. As of this year, I have handed over the reigns to my co-worker and so I have enjoyed a Summer that includes weekends where I can relax and not worry about having to step away from whatever fun activity is taking place to go to work. Not to say I don't love Weddings. Case in point I still booked a few for this year and even next, just because I love working with couples and even more so witnessing the love between the couple and those that have come out to celebrate with them on their special day


I love having my weekends back. And I mean truly back. When I was younger and in college, it was tennis day in and day out. 


Now my weekends consist of eating yummy pancakes (playing with my food), playing tennis when I want to (and whooping on Andrew), kayaking on the lake (and dreaming about my future) and going to the movies (on the lake and in our quaint theater that only has 7:00 & 9:30pm showings). 

I know. My life is so hard.

(insert real dramatic eye roll)