Not Your Regular Ol' Salad

Every Wednesday I have a pick-up from my CSA at the Farmer's Market. This is my third year with Fledging Crow and I love it. Fair warning though, once you taste farmers market greens you will end up not eating them elsewhere (seriously, I barely eat a salad in the Winter months). They also have delicious tomatoes and beets that add a colorful addition to my works of art. My mother would always make fancy salads as a side dish at every meal, with a minimum of 5 ingredients, so this one is dedicated to my mother, the woman that taught me that a salad does not have to be boring. .  

INGREDIENTS INCLUDED, but not limited to:

Mix of Greens & Spinach - Tomatoes - Red & Yellow Beets - Red Onions - Almonds - Avocado - Carrots - Red Peppers - Strawberries - Blueberries - Grapes  - Egg - Broccoli 

Plus for an extra boost I will break up a Veggie Burger or Add Zucchini Fritters