Adventures of the Lake Life

Last year, I along with Andrew and a couple of friends set out on our kayaks onto Lower Saranac Lake. That was probably the third time our kayaks touched water. Last week it was the fifth (yes, shake that head with disappoint). I got my brother to go back out with me to an island my friend christened as “Seuss Island”. Very appropriate as it sits in the middle of the lake with its single rock mass and one lonely tree. As we ventured out I kept telling my brother it was close and just around the corner. About four “just around the corners” later we found it. Thankfully I remembered that some kids were jumping off some cliffs the last time we were there so I knew our spot was to the right of that. With my brothers bionic eyes (meaning he had his glasses on, unlike me) he spotted the lonely tree and we made our way over. We threw our kayaks up on the rocks and then jumped in.

It is the most amazing feeling in the world knowing that I can just float in the middle of a lake. Treading water while nature surrounds you and the sky is a perfect blue with just one cloud in the sky (the one cloud that happened to find its way to the location of the sun and is causing unnecessary shade), is nothing short of amazing and humbling. I know when kids come along this precious solitude will be seldom, but I hope they learn to appreciate these moments as much as I do. These are the moments where you can grow the confidence to be anything and that your ability to be whatever you want, is limitless. Inspiration can strike you at any moment, or maybe that’s that little bit of disgusting seaweed you were hoping you were keeping your legs high enough in the water from touching (ewww).

Some shots from our trip