Recipe: Green Smoothie with Pineapple

I would like to think I am the adventurous type... 

But on most days I am not so delusional and know for a fact I am the type to take the safe route in order to make sure whatever I purchased/made is something my belly is happy with. I mean who is into frivolous spending (whether it is time or money) on food? Usually when I purchase food it means I am hungry or I am already anticipating, with drool running down my mouth (I know sexy) my next three meals. So, when in the kitchen I tend to stick to what I know as my belly is somehow always in desperation mode. But, sometimes I like to step out of the box. Baby steps with a lot of worry if I am doing it right, but end result 75% of the time is I am happy with what I made.

And so now the back story of the new smoothie....

A few weeks back it was almost noon and Andrew informed me we had to eat breakfast (I think I made sandwiches with tomatoes around 9:00am and since that was not considered "breakfast" in Andrews mind, we still had to eat it). Andrew claimed he was going to make his same old boring Almond Butter with Banana on Sourdough (great sandwich, just not want I recommend for what could be an epic Saturday or Sunday creation). We parked in front of The Good Bite Kitchen and with a little manipulation I got him to eat in for breakfast. It was amazing! Fried Egg on brown rice with beans, guacamole and salsa fresco. That is what I call a weekend breakfast meal! In addition we split a smoothie. Well, we were supposed to at least. I realized very quickly this smoothie was looking more like 20% for Kasia and 80% for Andrew, so I ordered another. I gave Andrew his 20%  (I mean I did need to give him his due since I dragged him to breakfast and all). That smoothie was so good I thought I would try it myself and share it with you!

The following was the photo of Smoothie Description on The Good Bite Kitchen menu. 


GREEN SMOOTHIE with PINEAPPLE (I am only bothering with adding the word pineapple to the title because it is what makes the smoothie)


  • 1/2 cup - 1 cup Juice (she used cranberry, I used apple. I also only had 1/2 cup that I stole from Andrew juicing for a different drink)
  • 2-3 cups lightly packed spinach (if you like it add more, if you don't, add less, but its good for you so just drink it)
  • 1 cup: Almond Milk (don't do regular milk as who knows how well that will mix with cranberry or apple)
  • 1 tablespoon Flax Seeds (they have some omega 3 in them, so if you don't eat fish add some flax)
  • 1 Banana (I did one frozen banana. I just peeled chopped and put it in the freezer a few days ago. This is a nice alternative to having to add ice to your smoothie, as I personally do not care to water it down)
  • 2 inches worth of pineapple (What I mean by 2 inches is if you purchase a peeled pineapple, measure out about 2 in and throw that in. Make sure to core it first. If it is sliced and in a can then use 4-5 slices). 


Combine the juice & the spinach in a blender and power it up for a few seconds.

Now combine everything else. Remember if using a frozen banana (or any frozen item for that matter) you will want to start the blender on low and then work your way up so you give it a chance to break it up first. 

Chances are its sweet & tart (like those damn sour patch kids). If you want to get it to be a bit thicker, throw in a 2nd banana (it doesn't have to be frozen). Your proportions can vary. Just start with less and add as you go. No matter what it will eventually be yummy.