Jerry Lee returns

Do you think he will remember me? 

I am sure he will. 

Really?! How can you be sure? I would be so sad if he had no clue who I was. Maybe he wants to snuggle this time. No, hes to cool for that. Walk. I will take him for walks. O, I am so excited!


A couple of weekends ago I had the privilege of dog sitting Sir (o yes, he is royalty in my eyes) Jerry Lee. It was the 4th of July and his human parents needed a favor and we were more than happy to oblige and take the scoundrel. Andrew headed out to Golf, so I waited with baited breath and busied myself around the kitchen like I had an important task to do, when really I was just waiting to hear the car pull into the driveway. I had the door open right as handsome (shedding) Jerry Lee hopped out of the car, while his furry siblings were making a racket. 

My happiness level sky rocketed past 100. I was only slightly disappointed when he walked over to the door when his parents left, but as he re-acquainted himself with my house, running up and down the stairs and following me from room to room, I realized my friend did in deed remember me. So what did we do? Go for a walk obviously. I totally over did it though, poor guy barely jumped into the truck, and even then he got into the space where the pedals were and gave me these pitiful eyes when I told him he had to move to the seat. He squeezed himself between the middle console to get to the passenger side feet area. After I rolled the window he resigned to jumping on the seat to get that wind blown look. 

Overall it was a successful weekend. Lots of begging for my goods (my food, don't be a perv). He made due with a couple of dog bones, some treats and a short walk on Sunday. When I tied him to the fence he simply laid down and tanned, but with it being so hot I was worried, so I brought him back in to relax on the cool tiles in the mudroom. 

Andrew woke me up Monday morning to say my "see ya later". He might be 12, but he has the heart of a 3 year old so I know hes got plenty of rolling in the grass left in him.   

Best part of the weekend:

"Speak Jerry! Speak!"

"Woooof" was said as faint as you can imagine. Kind of like the gurgle you hear in the back of your throat.  So precious watching him understand. I can only imagine what he would be saying. Gosh I love him.