2nd Day without Jerry Lee & 2nd Day of Cleanse

I was too heart broken and hungry to write about Jerry Lee yesterday. Jerry Lee was absolutely wonderful. His barking was more funny than annoying as he is an old man and when he did bark it was with so much effort but very little effect. Plus he only barked when we asked him to talk (which was super cute). My favorite trait was when passing other dogs he would simply stare as they went wild and then kept on moving, which only caused more barking and only further intimidated me. Lets face it, Jerry Lee was not going to protect me if need be and I would end up alternating between screaming and trying to coo the dog into being nice.

A few things about Jerry Lee and the experience:

  • Dogs really only want one thing, and that is to go outside. Maybe play too, but Jerry Lee wasn't much of a play in the house dog.
  • You feel like you need to take them outside often because you feel bad they are bored inside. I am not really good with guilt and it wasn't like I could talk to Jerry Lee about this.
  • They have a lot of hair.
  • They really like to beg and give you sweet eyes that you almost fall for (give it a few more days and I would have).
  • I assumed every time he went to the door he needed to go to the bathroom. While yes he seemed to pee on every tree in site (that's a lot of times considering this is the Adirondacks) it turns out he really didn't need to go. He played me like a fiddle. 
  • While he never so much as attempted to jump on our couch when we were home, I did catch him once trying to bury his bone in the couch when Andrew went to the bathroom and I was in the other room. The second he heard the toilet flush he jumped right off.
  • I don't know if I will ever be ready for a dog. They are amazing creatures, but unlike kids, they never truly grow up or learn to talk or do things on their own. Right now due to how much visiting we still do, we would feel bad having to board a dog. Maybe this will change when we have kids and are less likely to go away every few weekends. Who knows.
  • Having a dog forces you outside. Granted it was nice out all weekend so I didn't mind, but that could be a bummer when it's way below freezing or pouring buckets (maybe you don't go out then, not sure about the rules). If it hadn't been for Jerry I would not have been outdoors for the 2 -3 hours spent everyday on his walks, which in the end I was grateful for since this time of year I still stay indoors most of the time.
  • I still love dogs. A LOT. I love Jerry Lee. And he just might have liked me more then Andrew. I hope.

Smoothie with Pineapple, Banana, Wheat Grass & Almond Milk courtesy of Green Goddess


As the 2nd day of the Cleanse comes to an end I think 2-3 days would be more than enough. I don't feel terrible, I am not irritable (unlike someone else in this household), but I do think about food constantly. I don't feel super hungry (except for last night going to bed, I was hungry and got a headache), nor does me thinking about food activate hunger pangs. I did torture myself last night looking at food blogs and today I scoped out some instagram pictures and the menus they originally came from. A visit to NYC might be in store really soon as a direct result of these photos. 

Would I do this again? Probably not. I feel good about what we include in our diet and while an occasional sweet tooth might take us off the path, overall I confidently can say we are conscious of what we are eating, where it is coming from and do our best to eat a balanced diet. Plus I firmly believe in eating what you want, so long as it is in moderation, it is healthy and it makes you happy.

Finishing up this green juice and going into zen mode by going to bed by 8:30pm. Maybe I will beat the hunger and the headache.