Cleaning my insides, so I guess I will clean my fridge

Third day in and I was expecting to feel desperate to eat something more substantial, but you know what? I'm good. I mean I am hungry, but nothing my last juice won't cure. I know I have lost some weight, but my face somehow managed to get drier. Its clear of blemishes and under the skin bumps, but it is incredibly dry. Maybe I just need to lower the heat in this house. Or maybe move to Florida. Or maybe my dead skin is shedding like a snake and rebuilding. Snakes skin shed right? I hate science. I love animals. But I get the heebie-jeebies knowing bodily things about animals (or humans really). I pull off a great fake faint when presented with any such information. 

So I got home today and without even shedding (no pun intended) my work clothes, I opened up the fridge and started emptying its contents. There wasn't much since we ate everything prior to Monday. The majority of the items were sauces and then some peanut butters (3 to be exact), some milk and a piece of ginger. I checked the labels and realized almost every sauce needed to be tossed. These were mostly dressings or sauces we pretty much stopped using mid last year and just never bothered to check when they expired. I then cleaned with some dish soap, wiped and dried and before you knew it everything was clean. Emptier than I started. But now we have one shelf dedicated to asian sauces and one to pretty much apple vinegar (three bottles! really!!). 

So, now that I was done with the inside I realized that the gross hand spots all over the stainless steel front needed to go. I googled some options and found a recipe where all the ingredients were already in my kitchen (I am not leaving this house to go into a grocery store just to pass by all the goodies I can't eat! I am not a masochist ).

First step said to use vinegar to wipe off residue.  Which vinegar? I had white distilled vinegar and white wine vinegar. I didn't know which to use so I used both., but mostly the white distilled vinegar. I started to worry this wasn't going to work because the smudges weren't going anywhere and thought maybe the paper towel wasn't the right item to being using. But I continued as it said the next step was to wipe it clean and then with a soft cloth wipe with oil. I used olive oil. Probably too much, but that was how I made the paper towel soft. That quickly erased the residue, but then I was left with a pretty slick fridge. To wipe off the excess instead of using another paper towel, which when dry can be pretty rough, I used a micro fiber cloth. I went with the grain in wiping it. End result. Shiny and almost completely free of any finger smudges (I might have seen one in the corner that I missed).  

I am pretty excited to have this mini cleaning project done as it has been bugging me for a while. Now I am just excited to replenish the fridge tomorrow afternoon. If not then, it will probably have to wait until next Monday (yes my mother successfully jedi mind tricked us into going to the city). For Friday morning we are keeping it light by making one of our smoothies for breakfast and then for lunch a salad with red peppers, tomatoes, avocado, nuts & cranberries.  So excited to use my kitchen and not just to clean mason jars to return to the store for our new pick-up.