1st Day of Cleanse

What is the key to making it through an afternoon/evening void of solid food? Take a nap! I successfully passed by the two hour gap between a delicious carrot/ginger soup and our last juice of the day by taking a power nap. Not sure what I need this power for as I plan to go to bed by 9:00pm, but maybe I needed it to finish this post. 

Overall I would say today was a success. The only true desire for food seemed to be more mental than actual need. Everything I consumed was beyond delicious, although this last one was a little bland, but maybe that's why it works as sleep aid. As you will read from my daytime diary, the others definitely kicked my body into drive, not sure where to, but effects were felt.  


Earlier today...

9:08am Got into work at 7:00am. Drank 12 oz of room temperature water & lemon juice prior to this to distract my stomach rumbles. Andrew just dropped off the goods, which they were finishing up when he got there for the pick-up. I am going to crack into the 1st juice (beets & co.) to get this day started.

9:50am Just finished 'milking' the first juice. This wasn't too hard to do especially since beets are a bit strong in taste so just a few sips at a time make your taste buds happy. 

10:34am Face is feeling super flushed. Wondering if those beets are coursing through my blood stream as they are known to regenerate and reactivate the blood cells and supply fresh oxygen to the body.

11:15am Just started on the smoothie and its a bit different than I am accustomed to since it contains wheat grass and milk and I am used to using water for my veggie smoothies and orange juice for my fruit smoothies. Going to drink this slow to make it last. Really happy with the overall taste and the low level of hunger.

2:00pm Got into the Carrot & Ginger at around 1:30pm today and again I am feeling flushed. Checked the mirror and my cheeks are indeed red. Weird feeling as if I am cold but like internally cold not like its cold in the room cold. Maybe those toxins are getting flushed. The carrot ginger might be my favorite. I'm so looking forward to the afternoon soup. I know I will get out of work after a full 8hr day, and not a second later, to get to that warm deliciousness.

....and back to the present (~7:30pm)

I peed roughly 8 times, so obviously for this cleanse I recommend having a restroom readily available because you are going to need it. But then again I don't drink any liquids on a regular basis, so that just might be my pathetic body saying, "oh, you want to drink liquids? That's cute. I don't, so lets make this feel really uncomfortable on your bladder." Most who know me know I run to the bathroom five hundred times before leaving the house in fear of there not being a bathroom where we are going or that I might really need to go before I get to said location (doesn't matter if its 2 hours till we get there or 10 minutes). Maybe I just need to put on my big girl panties. 

How do I feel? Great. A little tired. Face is getting that flushed feeling again. I feel a little hungry, but nothing I can't ignore. Certainly does not feel like punishment.

What do I crave? Physically, nothing. Mentally, the list is endless. I have averted my face from people chewing at work because it makes me think of snacks. I also keep thinking of the Easter cookie advertisements in the recent Crate & Barrel magazine and I want to make all of them! And because I want to make them I will obviously want to eat them, so they will wait until Friday. 

Since I am off kitchen duty for the next few days, I have been thinking about the different dishes I will be making this weekend. I received a new copy of the Vegetarian Times in the mail on Saturday with lots of new and delicious recipes, so I am going to pick a few and test them out... probably start the prep work on Thursday.

Vegetarian Times are my greens!

I asked Andrew if it was cheating to wake up at 2:00am on Friday to eat and he said it was. So, I then asked if maybe we should make pancakes Friday morning, and he said he was strongly considering it. While I am excited about this now, I feel that in order to make this a productive cleanse we will stick to something boring that doesn't have a burst of delicious flavors...you know like a salad...couple nuts...I dunno, I might not be that hungry.  

Cute Idea for Easter...or Friday, from Taste of Home. 

Day 2, I gotchya.