A First...

I probably should have mentioned in my "about me" that while I do not have a dog, I LOVE dogs. Or so I think. I know I love them when I see them on the street. I am that person that says hi to them on the street and thinks up a story of their life and personality.

 In my neighborhood there is a doodle that walks everywhere with his owner without a leash (because he is that cool & disciplined) and whenever there is a holiday, he is wearing some sort of decoration, whether it is a a green festive headband for St. Patrick's Day or bells around his neck for Christmas. I love him. I don't even know his name and I love him (tragic love story). When I see him I exclaim to Andrew that its him and this may or may not have irked the owner on a few occasions (she probably has me on a list to check on in case this dog ever went missing).

So, this weekend I will be doing something I have been waiting most of my life for... I AM DOG SITTING!! As of the last two weeks anyone that asked what was new in my life, I told them about this very important event (most looked at me like I was crazy). Andrew's boss brings his dog into work sometimes and the dog gravitates to Andrew's desk for naps. After sending me a video of this cuteness I told him to relay the message that we would be happy to watch the dog sometime if they needed it. A month later and they have taken us up on this offer. To say I am excited would be an understatement. I feel like I am 10 years old and being given that first real responsible thing to do as a "big kid". I am also super nervous and this is an example of what my dog questions have been to Andrew. 

 How do we know if it wants to go to the bathroom?  A: The dog would go to the door.              Which door?  A: The door to go outside.                                                                              How does he know which door that is. What if he stands near the bathroom door?  A:  He will know.  Are you sure?   A: Yes.  

This dog probably does know what he is doing even if he hasn't been at our house. He is roughly 10 years old and is smart enough to know how to escape his owner at any small opportunity. I think he does it for fun. 

So, today starting at 3:30pm I get to meet Jerry Lee and he will be my adopted pet until Monday morning. I am hoping he likes to sleep in our room because what kid doesn't want that. I also hope he lets me take him for walk's around the lake (he is older so not sure if he will  give up on me half way). I did also tell Andrew he can take care of the poop (I tend to gag when I think of having to do this, a big reason as to why I do not personally own a dog). 

This almost feels like hanging out with a crush for the first time. Will he like me? Will he want to hang out with me or will he like Andrew more? Should I bribe him to like me with a toy? 

For now I will leave you with the cuteness that sold me. 

        Jerry Lee taking what looks like an uncomfortable nap