Lets do this

I am finally going to start this thing (disclaimer I also said that in 2011). It’s taken me a long while to get to this point but I finally feel I am at a point in my life where I have a little more to talk about then I did just  a few years ago. I mean when you think about it, 2011 is 4 years ago and think about what you were like in 9th grade, vs. your first day in college, vs. your first September with no school on your calendar. I’d say you were just a little bit different and experienced a thing or two.


Since 2011 I have done the following: became a vegetarian (a few melt downs occurred), got engaged, traveled to Poland to see my relatives for the first time in 20 years, bought a house, re-modeled a house, planned a wedding, got married, visited Peru, paid off my car, ate beans (seems silly to mention, but I hated beans)…the list could go on but I think you get the point. I am also still living in the Adirondacks, which prior to maybe 2013, I was convinced would be a temporary thing and that I would either move back to NYC or another place that semi resembled a city (or at least had more than just one little main street).

I realized my passion for food & crafts (primarily wedding related) needs an outlet. This is my outlet. I used to consider myself “artistic”. I also used to have a lot of bad relationships, which fueled my work (nothing morbid just simply spurred on my creativity). I have been living in bliss since I started dating my now husband for the last seven years and so with that I lost a key part of who I identified myself as being. Well, everything is still wonderful, but I miss the old me and the excitement that came with my adventure to try new things I learned or saw somewhere. My husband has been asking me to tap into this since we first started dating, but like I said I have been happy and art was an outlet for miserable me (inwardly miserable, not outwardly because that causes wrinkles).

So here it goes...

I am thinking (I can change my mind though since I am a women), this will focus primarily on my kitchen adventures, the struggle (not really) of moving from Brooklyn, NY to the Adirondacks, Dogs & Weddings (because I am not sure they ever get old and it seems like everyone is doing it on the regular every Saturday).


<3 Kasia

Skating on the&nbsp;loop that was cleared to skate on Mirror Lake. I don't believe there is anything in my backpack....I just wanted to wear it.

Skating on the loop that was cleared to skate on Mirror Lake. I don't believe there is anything in my backpack....I just wanted to wear it.