Jerry Lee update

I can only imagine you are wondering how the weekend is going with Jerry Lee and I am happy to report he is still in our home and has not run away from my human face. Currently he is napping on his bed in our reading room. 

Yesterday when I came home I had a ridiculous grin on my face excited to meet him. I walked into our mudroom and no one came running. I was slightly deflated as I thought the dog would be as excited to meet me as I was him, so as I unwound my scarf from around my head,  BAM Jerry Lee is staring at me through the glass door, which scared the crap out of me. He wagged his tail a bunch and told me he was excited for his date and looked forward to the many adventures we would have (no of course he did not say this, but maybe he thought it? A girl can dream). Five minutes later we were back out of the house to take him on a walk which would take us on a full loop by way of the snow covered train tracks. Andrew took his new fat bike, but since he pumped the tires up for road use they were way too full to ride in the snow, so he walked it across the tracks. The walk was beautiful with Jerry Lee leading the way. 

Side note, Jerry pooped, and I picked it up. I did initially whine to Andrew that this was his job based on what I wrote in the blog. Andrew told me I needed to "learn". I did not buy his nonsense, but I knew I needed to be an adult about this and pick up the present left behind by Jerry's furry butt. After struggling with opening the poop bag, I used the snow as a cushion and thankfully was able to get rid of the goods in a nearby garbage can. The perks of Lake Placid is they have doggy bag dispensers in a number of spots around town and at the entrance to hiking trails in order to keep the town doggy poop free. 

Last night Jerry Lee's adventures were unaccounted for. We left the bedroom door open, but we left his bed in the reading room since it seemed to be his favorite spot (turns out this was also where he hid his raw hide two minutes into entering the house and we did not find until earlier this morning). I left the Christmas lights on in our burlap ceiling so he had some light and didn't stumble into anything while walking around and acting like king of the house. 

This morning at 6:59am I heard Jerry Lee walking around downstairs and with a wagging tail greeted me. I obviously thought he needed to pee because a. he walked to the door, b. I pee a lot, (we could be kindred spirits so I assume he has the same needs as me), c. he was inside since 10:00pm. Instead of just going for a quick trip outside I decided with the fresh coating of snow and flurries falling it was too perfect of a moment not to take a walk, so we walked to lake and back. I also fell. No Jerry did not pull me, the streets were super slippery and one second I am up and the next I am on my butt. Pretty sure the only witness was the plow truck (which I casually turned away from when he passed by as so they did not see the face of the klutz that fell) as I did not hear anyone laughing or yelling to see if I was okay. After icing the wrist with frozen blueberries my wrist is only a little sore. 

So, we will continue on our adventures. After a client meeting this afternoon we will take another walk on the tracks which will hopefully get him a bit more hungry since he hasn't been eating much. His dad said he hardly ever eats so we are not too worried. He's a sensible dog, not a food hungry miser like us humans that don't know how to say no to the tasty deliciousness we see everywhere. Well that and I think he only likes bacon that his dad feeds him, as I tried a red pepper and broccoli, which my friends dog Wilson eats happily, and Jerry Lee wanted nothing to do with it.  Sigh, he doesn't know what he is missing.