Life Lately

I have had no desire to write lately. Maybe it's the sun, maybe it's the lack of sun, maybe it's the rain, maybe it's because I really want a greasy slice of pizza from Little Italy (even though my homemade one is better and healthier). Okay for real though, I know it is because I feel life can be very monotonous and I don't feel like it is something worth sharing. But, then I remember my purpose here. First off, it is to keep an online journal of life. Second, it is to share with you some of the goodies that pass by our vegetarian kitchen. Three, to share with you my moments (big & small) and my writing, because who knows maybe one or three of you enjoy reading it. So, I will continue to write. I will put myself on a schedule since long Summer Days makes me want to be anywhere but near a computer after work. And I will continue to eat. And love on furry animals.

Speaking of furry creatures, last night I was driving home from a Wedding I worked at the Ausable Club (approximately 30 minutes from Lake Placid). It was about 11:35pm and I got spooked by Bambi and its mama on the side of the road (the road is very sketchy with mountain and rocks/boulders on one side and a lake, dark pit, to the other). So, I slow down to a crawl and beep so they don't have any crazy ideas to run across the road. This gets the mom to turn and scamper up the hill. Poor Bambi tries to do the same but with its small and not so powerful legs it just ends up running along the side grass. I was ready to get out of my car and lift Bambi to higher ground. But, like the chicken that I am, I was afraid of the dark and that Bambi's mama would come after me (as would all the other scary animals hiding). I was pretty upset the rest of the night and was hoping they found their way back to each other.  

 As always delicious food has found its way to my belly 

1st row: Homemade Fried Veg Egg Rolls, House Salad - Good Bite, Maple Margaritas - ADK Cafe

2nd row: Greens & Barley - Good Bite, Amazeball Homemade Pancakes, Potatoes stuffed with black beans & tomatoes - Good Bite

3rd Row: Veggie Burger - ADK Cafe, Homemade Fried Rice, Scallions and Bok Choy with Fried Egg & Homemade Veggie & Fruite Smoothie