Butternut Squash Soup

I hate making soup. It typically requires patience. Or some special "knowledge" that I do not possess. I mean, how do you know how how much water to put in? That right there is the root of my fear. I do not know how much water vs. how many veggies vs. how many spices I need to get in there to make it work. Yes I know the recipe book tells you, but I want to be able to make it like my mom does from thin air. Thin air, because she knows everything and I want thin air knowledge. There's that and then the time. I could only dedicate the last two hours of my day to making soup since that is when I definitely know I am home. But even then, what if I get super tired half way through cooking? Can you just restart the next day? Or, does it cook on its own even once the heat is off because it is so warm? I dunno. It seems complex. Its not. But I am making it so. 

Alas patience is not needed in my newest addition to my soup arsenal (the first is a spicy thai red lentil I made after trying the one at a healthy living store, Noris). This recipe comes from the Minamilist baker website, "Tom Kha Gai Butternut Squash Soup".  This dish is absolutely delicious and takes almost no time to make. I will admit the struggle is very real when you are trying to peel the butternut squash as that is the first and hardest part of this recipe. I guess you could just cut it in half, roast and then scoop it into the food processor, but I think if you peel and then cut it in cubes (like they ask) you roast everything evenly. Who knows. Try what works for you. I am sure it will turn out the same. Andrew and I are not big fans of mushrooms, so we avoid it in ours, but we do add extra scallions and ginger. In addition we garnish with green onions instead of parsley simply because we don't have it in the house on a regular basis. 

Andrew is a huge fan of this recipe right now and likes to dunk his sourdough bread into it as well. Toast the bread, don't toast, do whatever your belly has time for.