So we are 22 days into the New Year and nothing has really gone as planned.

First Andrew started off the New Year with a 36 hour bug/flu thing. Which he graciously gave to me. No worries, Wyatt is apparently healthy as an Ox and he got away scot-free. Thank goodness!

Shortly after getting over the flu, I was running after Andrew and boom, I jammed my toe. But this wasn't your regular, "break your toes kind of feeling but nothing is really broken kind of jam".  No, the next morning I couldn't set my foot down to put pressure, so after taping some toes together and an ibuprofen, I hopped around the house and then watched as my toe became black and blue. That took care of my dreams to work out and made me slightly miserable. Yeay! 

So into week three of the new year and I went to the dentist where I got a couple fillings put in. The next day, an ache in my tooth settled in on my other side. This pain came once or twice before, but during my pregnancy. Of course I couldn't take medicine then, so instead I endured the mind numbing pain and didn't sleep, but it was traumatizing (I would say worse than 39 hours of labor, but Andrew thinks I blacked out and that I don't really know what I am talking about). This time I took medicine, but it really isn't working to its full capacity, so I believe a root canal is in the future. Oh, and I have cold, that irritates my throat and the ear on the side of the pain, so it's been hunky-dory. 

ANYWAYS. Starting week four and we have pressed reset. Because really, you can press re-set whenever you want. So in no particular order or importance, my goals are:

  1. Heading to bed at 9:30pm, with lights out at 10:00pm.
  2. Starting the 21 Day Fix Beach body program again, but this time actually following the food rules. 
  3. Spending an hour each evening on some watercolor work.
  4. Getting our ideas folder for the renovation together so Andrew knows what to set where. 
  5. Plan a vacation. 
  6. Get Wyatt to expand his eating palate and actually keep track of some of his recipes.
  7. No face picking. 

Okay. That's all for now. Nothing crazy, but you know setting and writing these goals just has me feeling all kinds of ready to tackle the year.

I have been most eager/hesitant about the 21 Day Fix Beachbody food program. I am fine with keeping to the workout, which I have done already a few times over, but never the food. I hate limiting my food intake. I already did a conscious portion control on my own since I have always had a tendency to over eat. But I know my portions are still at least double what they, "should" be, if I am expecting for any weight/body mass loss. Do I feel I need to lose it? Honestly, yes and no. Yes, because I know I overeat, which means I do add more to my body than it probably (definitely) needs. But then no I don't feel I need to, because I know even though I over eat, I am still not putting garbage in my mouth. Except when I go on vacation. Then I am capable (meaning I just did it on my last vacation), eat 12 cupcakes in 9 days, and that's not counting the vegan donuts or chocolate bars. Vegan or not, even I know I was being a glutton. So, I have challenged myself to stick to it. Day 1 almost complete and I am rewarding myself with a banana cream pie when I am done. Haven't decided if that is breakfast, lunch and dinner or just dessert.  Andrew is probably shaking his head, but hey, I need to know I am working towards something.

Since I know you want to know what I will be eating over these next few weeks. I will keep track. Or try to at least. 

O and here are some pictures. None if it has to do with what I just wrote about. And no I have no photographic evidence of my cupcakes, donuts, junk binge (even though I wish I did because it was so good....says the old yesterday me). Happy 2018!