Planning and Executing (the 1st step of this pregnancy)

Andrew and I started talking seriously about when we should have kids in August of last year. At first we were honestly going to plan in such a way to guarantee a Capricorn baby. Why? Well for the obvious reason. We are Capricorns and we are awesome. I wish I could say that and have some humility, but after looking at our backgrounds and how we were raised, we landed on that the only thing that was consistent in us ending up so great was our zodiac sign (o yes, we are that weird, and yes we sort of believed it). I am not saying we don’t have our faults, but the good stuff is really good and just like most parents (or maybe not, I haven’t ever asked), we want our kids to be similar to us. Okay, minus my short temper and Andrews’s fascination for battery powered bikes, plus my awesome cooking/life skills and Andrews desire and willingness to learn more and not settle on just what he is told. I am sure every sign is great, but we were looking for common denominator, and we came up with Capricorn. 

As you can see we changed our minds. Why? For the most obvious reason. How do we know we are going to get it right the first time? The reality is not everyone gets pregnant right away. And even when they do, life does not always work out as planned. So, we adjusted and decided maybe we should start sooner since we have no clue what to expect. Plus, my closest friends were planning their 2017 Weddings and vain me was not going to let myself attend their shindigs as a beluga whale (yeah, yeah I will have given birth but…no excuses, play like a champion). So, I got a period tracker app and figured out my fertile weeks. We skipped October because that was just too real. November's week came, and we figured why not. So, we tried. And as I mentioned previously, two weeks later I was beginning to notice the tiredness and slightly larger boobs. Two days after my missed period as I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed I told Andrew I was probably pregnant. Andrew quickly turned asking how I knew.

“I am two days late”

“Yeah, but you have been late before a few days”

“Okay. Maybe I am not, but I am pretty sure I am. I don’t feel like my usual pre-period self”

“Should we check?”

“No, I would rather stay in denial. Let’s wait until Thursday” (It was Tuesday)


Thursday arrived and after catching up on some shows we headed with heavy feet (just kidding), to the bathroom.  

Side note, I had purchased the pregnancy test when I was down in the city two months earlier. One of my girlfriends saw the box in my purse giving me wide eyes when sitting next to my mom. I quickly and cryptically told her that it hadn't happened yet and I was just prepping. Small towns talk, and while I barely know anyone here, I am sure as luck would have it I would run into someone from work at that exact moment I put the test on the counter.

So, I did as instructed and we sat and discussed the fact that in a couple of minutes our lives could potentially change forever.

Andrew filmed and I turned over the test and sure enough, two lines. 

I started to tear up realizing what we were doing, slightly panicked OMG I can’t take this back, and was a bit excited that we were going to have a little minion of our own. 

Life officially altered.

We definitely feel lucky that it happened so quickly. Of course anyone that has been with someone for a long time may wonder if they are capable of getting pregnant (I mean think of how many unplanned pregnancies you hear about and you start to wonder how have I not). Apparently we were being safe. So, how did it happen so fast? Maybe it's because we are both fertile/potent. Or maybe our healthy lifestyle helps. Or maybe the fact that we tried at the right time? Who knows? All I know is its still a surreal feeling. Ready or not, this August the newest member of the brat pack arrives. Andrew and I can’t wait to teach them the ways of world domination and being green.

And let me tell you...making a baby is weird...especially because you are probably not drunk and you totally know what your intentions are mid-action. Awkward!


I don't really drink, but with the possibility of being pregnant soon, I definitely felt like I needed to put some work in before getting cut off. So here are some October/November indulgences. 

Do I miss it? No. But I really like to smell lychee martini's and a good Abby Ale.