Sorry Excuse for a "Vegetarian" Option

Nothing gets me angrier than going to a nice restaurant where the chef apparently knows his stuff and as I scan the menu I realize my option is either a larger portion of the appetizer salad or a pasta dish. Really! The best you can do is make a dish that I consider a lazy, "I don't want to cook" dish in my kitchen! Yes, I cook more than the average person (hazard of being into veggies exclusively) so my standards for an appropriate eating out dish might be higher, but to stick us with a simple pasta dish with, "seasonal vegetables" is just aggravating. Think about it. The only person that is probably looking at the vegetarian option is either a vegetarian or a vegan (or on the off chance the kid that is rebelling and what's nothing to do with meat that day). So, please tell me why as a "seasoned" chef you can't come up with something more appealing. I mean even a roasted vegetable stacker drizzled with a delicious sauce or on a bed of pureed something, is way more appealing, at least visually, than your pasta. I mean you didn't even have to make an effort in making sure you didn't overcook that store bought pasta (not like where you can easily burn quinoa or kasha). If you are going to go with pasta, why not make couscous, at least it looks pretty. I might even consider it if you say it's homemade pasta, like a vegetable lasagna sans cheese, but instead with tofu, grilled vegetables and sprinkled with a pesto sauce (made with cashews instead of parmesan). Or melt in your mouth homemade gnocchi (but to be honest ever since I started making my own and realizing how easy it is to make, I am not too keen on getting it).

 Vegetarians/Vegans are a growing reality in the industry. And chances are if you can't even offer me a decent option when my meat eating friends have a ton, I will not come back to you. I barely enjoy going out in town for a full meal because I know that other than a possibly quirky appetizer or delectable dessert, I am not going to find anything better or on par with what I have waiting in my fridge.

But you know, maybe I should thank you. If I don't go out to eat, I save money and if I save money I can go on vacation to a destination that has lots of options for my hungry belly (eyes).

Example of a lazy dish made in the Drewsia kitchen by Andrew. Avocado/Pesto Cream Sauce on Organic Ramen Noodles