About those anniversaries...

The other day Andrew and I hit the 8 month mark on being married. It feels like no time has passed, but yet it feels so far away (for some reason that song with the lyrics "double entendre" is playing in my head…not even sure it applies). I am not really big on celebrating monthly anniversaries, I mean a. it could get expensive if you are going all out every month and b. doesn’t it feel like you JUST celebrated it (30 days is not very many days in between..but I guess on the off chance it is 31 I can totally relate it feels like ages).

I have a few anniversaries for myself and Andrew. Our first kiss back in high school (to be fair it was New Year Eve so kind of hard to forget), when we first started dating, when we got engaged and when we got married. Andrew said the first does not qualify and the third got eliminated when we got married. I think for the most part we are going to stick to the dating anniversary since we were already together for almost 7 years pre-marriage, so we don’t want to disqualify all those years of hard work into molding each other to the perfect spouse (just kidding, but not really). For our dating anniversary Andrew gets a small handmade picture book (so crafty) of our year together and this year we did see a Brian Reagan on our engagement anniversary (that was just coincidence though). For our 1st Wedding Anniversary Andrew is planning a trip (I had told him subtly that it was so wonderful of him to think to surprise me by taking be somewhere and organizing the whole thing. SIDE NOTE: Andrew did not offer to do this, but when I brought it up in the middle of a flea market, I totally sold it as something he had just thrown out there all on his own. Evil is far too nice of a word for some of the things I do). Of course if he wasn’t into it I could certainly plan, but at the time I had just planned our honeymoon in Peru (aka booked the tour that already had it all planned for us) so I thought Andrew should give it a try.

Anyway, back to anniversaries. Eight months passed and there was no fanfare. I love Andrew to pieces and truthfully every day is a “celebration”. I am not sure Andrew could say anything on an anniversary that would be any different than all the wonderful things he says on a daily bases. He could get me flowers, but I know how he feels about flowers. I usually only get them when I am really down in the dumps or I have injured myself repeatedly (burned my arm with the steam from a kettle, tripped over a step and spilled tea all over myself while driving, all within a matter of 15 minutes). I think on an anniversary, if I had to have something to remember its significance, I would want a letter. Something tangible to go back to whenever I needed a pick me up or if I am in the mood for a happy place.

But, I also do not mind a sweet treat from one of my favorite bakeries, or pancakes, or french toast, or pizza, or fried spring rolls. When Andrew and I first started texting we discussed things the other can never say. I had just stated that my significant other can never tell me what I can or cannot eat (I am always protecting my right to eat). No response. In my head I was like wow, I guess this is a deal breaker, but good thing I mentioned it early. A couple minutes later I realized that Verizon was down so I probably just wasn’t getting his texts. I don’t think Andrews connection was down because 30 minutes later when mine returned I had texts and a couple of voicemails asking what happened and where I went and to call him. That was actually how we progressed from one million text messages a day to talking for 7 plus hours. I tend to bring this up to Andrew sometimes….”remember that one time you thought you were going to control my eating habit….