Anywhere but here would be great right now

April 6th and it is snowing. I am pretending it is not actually a scene outside my window but rather a really big TV Screen tuned into a "typical Winter day", kind of like Yule Log channel you can have playing for Christmas. 

At this point I am so incredibly over the snow. "Spring" in the Adirondacks is about that time I start thinking of all the places I would love to move to. Usually I settle with North & South Carolina. Why? Maybe it's the beach, or the 11 months of decent weather or maybe all the Nicholas Sparks books I have read. All I know is that living up north means roughly 6 months you are dealing with cold and winter like weather. That is 6 solid months there is no garden work or outdoor activity that does not require hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, wool socks, winter boots, etc.

I could live here. Stole this photo from my girlfriend Marty from my Bachelorette Trip to Charleston this past Summer.

How depressing.

I really can't fathom why we live here sometimes. Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely beautiful here. The views are unbeatable and the 4-5 months it is outdoor weather without the extra hassle, it is perfect and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, but 4-5 months isn't very much. Plus, when I think about having kids and having to stay indoors (relatively, I mean I know I will go outside but I don't think that is recommend when it is -15 below), I cry a little. Living in NYC Winter seemed like only a few short months, and even if there was snow it was followed by warmer temperatures that brought people outside. In Lake Placid it seems to go over for-e-v-e-r.

I envy my best friend that lives in Florida and at almost any time of the year tells me she was out doing something in her yard or just got back from being out on the boat. The only boat I am on is the one I formed out my 7+ quilts I own. Sometimes it is so cold I need three, two for my legs and one on top. Do you know how difficult it is to unwrap yourself from these quilts to pour water in the kettle, wrap yourself up again, only to unwrap once the kettle whistles to pour?! It really can ruin the moment. Granted, turning up the heat is also an option, but then what would I do with all the quilts I own. 

Maybe the key to getting through this is having outdoor winter hobbies. Yeah, no. That sounds like work. And extra layers. And extra equipment to buy. I think I would rather stay inside and complain.. Or plan my move. Or maybe just my next mini vacation to a warm spot. Come to think of it, my best friend has a new baby goat. I should get down there before it gets too big and moves out to the barn (yes, it currently resides in their house because his Mom died soon after giving birth. As a result, the baby goat is being raised in the home for now, along with two small dogs and a cat. O what a confused soul)

This is Buck. His mom's name was Bambi as she was brown and had white spots like a Doe. 

I hear it is supposed to be in the 50s next week. Yeayyy (that is a fading small "y" because I don't trust the Weather Channel news report and I am being dramatic).