Breakfast and Dogs

I just deleted this post by accident, so lets go round 2. 

This weekend we were graced with some more miserable grey and cold weather we have grown to hate ( at least it wasn't snowing like it was earlier this week). 

The weather did not hold us back from heading into Saranac Lake to check out the Derby race for Daffest with some friends. As you can imagine, there were no blooming daffodils, but a number of kids and adults came out for the Soap Box Car Races. Plus, I got a chance to see one of my best friends. Even took a picture. Subtle right (Creeper!!)

Breakfast was the theme in the kitchen this weekend. Of the 6 meals consumed on Saturday & Sunday, 4 were breakfast dishes. Saturday we started off with some french toast, due to a loaf of bread needing to be consumed before it hardened completely. Plus we split a veggie omelette, filled with zucchini, red peppers, green onions, spinach & tomatoes. In the afternoon we grabbed some Thai red lentil soup from Nori's (a health food store in Saranac Lake) and then some very garlicky garlic knots from Little Italy's. In the evening we had our usual black bean burger at the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery where we joined a friend visiting from Boston. Sunday started with pancakes (duh), with today's added ingredients being oats, walnuts, chocolate chips and blueberries. AMAZING!! I juiced with my dog friend (I know I am shaking my head too). For lunch Andrew re-created a photo he saw on Instagram that showed some potatoes and fried eggs. We added toast with avocado, spinach, yellow onions and tomatoes. Thirty minutes ago I treated myself to a bowl of cereal for a snack. I would say Sunday was the ultimate success! 

When making this weeks grocery store list I ventured to Minimalist Bakers website to check out some new recipes. The goal is to make 1-3 new meals per week because so far they are all pretty fantastic. Sorta like the Julie & Julia movie where the main character tries to cook all of the recipes from Julia Childs cookbook. Wish me luck!