Restaurant Review: The Plant | Cafe Organic - Pier 3

I kid you not, we legitimately hit up The Plant 5 times in the 4 days we were in San Francisco. Waste of a trip to spend it at the same joint? Maybe. But, how I see it is that I have every intention to be back in the Bay Area again, whether it is for vacation or to move, so I have time to try other spots. Can we help it that once we find a spot that caters to our lifestyle we go back repeatedly? I mean, we are pretty picky eaters, and with Andrew trying to avoid consuming cow dairy, the option narrow drastically. So, what did we eat? Oh let me tell you...

After our 8 hours of travel we were starved and the Plant at Pier 3 was a short 7 minute walk from the Omni hotel, so we headed over after checking in. We sat on the outdoor patio and ordered an Avocado and Grapefruit salad to split. Crisp and refreshing. Then, we each ordered the Plant Burger, no sharing for us, which was made of lentils, mushrooms, beets, cashews, and bulgur wheat.  There was an option to upgrade to a Wasabi Burger, which of course we agreed to, so they added wasabi raspberry aioli, sauerkraut and pickled radishes.  To die for!!! I mean melt in your mouth goodness. Plus they serve it on a local ACME Bread Company sourdough bun, which means Andrew was uber excited. SIDE BAR: I did not realize the burger came with a salad, so don't worry I am not typically loony enough to get a salad with a side of more salad. While I wanted to start vacation right with a cocktail, I was a bit exhausted and worried I was coming down with something, so I got the Immune Builder, which consisted of carrots, apple, ginger & lemon. Stuffed and ready to explore we head up the piers to meet some friends...

Day 2 we woke up at 6:30am. Don't even get me started on this ridiculousness. By 8:00am we were out the door and after picking up some pastry snacks at the Market from ACME we headed to ThePlant for a quick breakfast . Just so you don't think I am a glutton, the pastry snacks were fuel for later in the day since we knew we were renting bikes to go over the Golden Gate Bridge. We ordered the Breakfast Burrito which really resonated with me and the concept that less is more. This jam consisted of country potatoes, chipotle black beans, salsa & avocado in a whole wheat tortilla. The ratio of items to size of Burrito is what I need to strive for as mine always look like they are on steroids and about to burst. This meal was accompanied by the Energizer Juice which included carrot, beet, parsley & ginger. Andrew had their coffee and no clue what it was called but tasted like chocolate and I was so close to ordering my very own cup. But I didn't. 

Day 3 we woke up at 6:30am....again. After showering and packing for our daytrip to Santa Cruz, we got our Pastries at ACME and our burritos/juices from ThePlant. Why change it when it ain't broke?! To be honest, since I knew we were going on a trip and would be in a car, I really wanted to make sure whatever I ate was not going to cause havoc on my stomach so I stuck to what I knew wouldn't. SIDE BAR: This was my first vacation where I did not get nauseous (except when I overstuffed myself with sweets) or get a stomach ache. This is a huge reason behind why I would love to go back/move there.

Later that evening we got back from Santa Cruz and since it was already a bit dark and we didn't want to venture into any shady neighborhoods, we headed back to ThePlant for dinner. Obviously we got the delicious burger, but we changed up the appetizer to a cold vegetable lasagna with zucchini and cashews. It was a bit odd eating cold lasagna as it felt like they forgot a step, but it was a perfect portion and had great flavor. I also tried the Green Goddess Signature Cocktail. The cilantro and jalapeno definitely gave it an earthy taste. Was I sick of the burger...nope, which is why....

Day 4 we woke up at 6:30am and don't worry we didn't go there for breakfast. Instead we watched some football that was being played in London and we headed out for some ACME Pastries. SIDE BAR: All these pastries and not a pound gained. Just another reason to move. 

This last trip to ThePlant was not supposed to happen. We had made reservations to go to a highly recommended vegan restaurant, Millennium, but I never checked the address and instead ended up heading to its old location in San Francisco, not its new location in Oakland. After running & climbing the biggest hill in all the land because we thought we would be late and then being very disappointed when we realized it was closed, we decided we were over it and going to go where we knew we would be satisfied. Burger number 3!!! By the end of the meal Andrew was grossed out saying it looked too much like a raw burger (he's not a beet lover). I on the other hand could eat one right now. I tried the Plant Punch for a cocktailand the spring rolls with tofu & mushrooms for an appetizer. To end the weekend on a sweet note, we ordered the Raw Lemon Cheesecake, which had the perfect amount of tartness.

Day 5.....we were on a plane eating the ACME Pastries we plant in sight.

Obviously we recommend the place. They have Vegan options and they try to use as many organic items as possible. Plus they specified items that were not 100% organic, which was nice. While the plan is to try some new spots next time, there is 100% chance we will go there at least twice...maybe three.