San Francisco - Trip Priorities

Two weeks ago I found out we were heading to San Francisco for our Anniversary. The very next day I started to google Vegan restaurants, figuring out their distance from the hotel and from various spots in the city we might find ourselves exploring. During this process I made a vary glaring observation. 

I let my stomach rule my life.

Sitting on the plane I stared at my itinerary and sadly all I had was restaurant names & addresses. I have a slight obsession with making sure I give my stomach only the best opportunities by eating at least three times a day. Unfortunitly with the time changes, shady neighborhoods (ahem, a chicken for a husband) and business closings, we only tried 2 of the 6 places. But, I have no complaints as I was inspired to add some new dishes to my arsenal and to adhere to the concept that sometimes less is more. Plus, we found plenty to do in our in between time... you know like bike the bridge, walk, ride a boat, walk some more, rent a car, see Santa Cruz, nap on the beach, watch some football...

PLUS, I didn't gain a pound (and that's after eating on average 2 pastries a day). SCORE