Being a SAHM & Pumpkin Spice Lattes

I can't tell you how it grates on my nerves when I have the following conversation:

Typical Person: "Congratulations on retiring!".

Me: "Thanks."

Typical Person: "So what are you going to do now?"

Me: Um. .."Stay at home with Wyatt and enjoy this time I have with him".

Typical Person: Blank stare. With an unsaid......."and?".

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The Perfect Bridal Shower and an Orzo Salad

As I find myself once again thrust into coordinating Weddings at work, I get nostalgic thinking about all the Wedding related events these brides will take part in. My own Bridal shower was a pinterest worthy event. It was an intimate affair at my mother’s house and the personal touches the girls and my mom added were perfect.

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California = Mexican Inspiration = Cheese Nachos

The biggest takeaway from our recent trip to California was that we needed to get beans back into our lives and we (I) needed to start experimenting with making my own Vegan Cheese. This was a direct result of a fantastic dining experience we had at Gracias Madres, a beyond delicious joint we ate at not once but twice (so typical of us). Located in the Mission District, we stuck to going there in the daylight hours, but it is conveniently located only two blocks from the BART and if you head towards 17th street there are tons of cute Hipster Shops/Eats (not so scary).

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Restaurant Review: The Plant | Cafe Organic - Pier 3

I kid you not, we legitimately hit up The Plant 5 times in the 4 days we were in San Francisco. Waste of a trip to spend it at the same joint? Maybe. But, how I see it is that I have every intention to be back in the Bay Area again, whether it is for vacation or to move, so I have time to try other spots. Can we help it that once we find a spot that caters to our lifestyle we go back repeatedly? I mean, we are pretty picky eaters, and with Andrew trying to avoid consuming cow dairy, the option narrow drastically. So, what did we eat? Oh let me tell you.

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Cinco De Mayo Kitchen Adventures

Yesterday Andrew and I allowed for a gym skip day due to the holiday (well that and Andrew was falling asleep standing and I was sore from my Monday gym workout). Since we had ample of time in the house I went all out in the kitchen. I put out some freshly made guacamole and some leftover salsa from an evening chip and dip party friends had brought over. For the filling we had basmati rice, black beans, fresh tomatoes and green onions. The night prior I sauteed garlic, a yellow onion, a Serrano pepper along with a red, yellow and orange bell pepper and then added salt, pepper, paprika and balsamic. The whole dish ended up being pretty spicy, but delicious.

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